dinsdag 10 mei 2011

Leiden by canalboat

In the 12th century the rivers Rhine, Vliet and Mare gathered in Leiden, and soon became an important trading center. The city of Leiden had to increase by digging more and more canals. This network of waterways and historic buildings is largely preserved.

Zijlpoort is a city gate in Leiden, The Netherlands. The gate was built in 1667

From the water, you also have a good view of the rich culture of the city: monuments, museums, the Weddesteeg, street of Rembrandt's birth.

In 1572, the city sided with the Dutch revolt against Spanish rule and played an important role in the Eighty Years' War. Besieged from May until October 1574 by the Spanish, Leiden was relieved by the cutting of the dikes, thus enabling ships to carry provisions to the inhabitants of the flooded town.

It was on the Vlietbridge were the Watergeuzen (the troops of the prince of Orange) entered Leiden.

"Watch your head"

The old watch tower.

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  1. A really interesting post..great pictures as well.


  2. Great pics Tommy!,
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