vrijdag 29 april 2011

Tornado Alley part 2

After seeing the movie Tornado Alley in the IMAX theatre I started following the new tornado season in the America.

And this season the tornados are hitting extremely hard.
The death toll is already 300 and still rising.

I follow the "storm chasers" on the tracker website.

You see the the weather and tornados live on screen.
You also can take a look at the inboard cam of the chase cars.

Brutal weather (Time laps) video

Last Wednesday the was a tornado seen rolling to the little town of Cullman, Alabama.
I find quick a weather webcam in Cullman.
The webcam was working till this last picture.
Look to the left of the picture and see what I see!

The webcam is still out of order....

UPDATE 1-5-11
The webcam is back online.
Watch the emergency repairs on the roofs.

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