zondag 12 september 2010

My new bicycle "The Spitfire"

On One Scandal 29er XC MTB 27 speed
frame size 19.5
colour British Racing Green
RST M29 Air 80mm forks with lockout
FSA Orbit Extreme cartridge headset
Shimano XT hollowtech triple chainset with 175 arms
Shimano XT rear mech
Shimano Deore LX front mech
DP17 double wall rims
Shimano hydraulic brakes with 203mm rotors

To pick up my new British bicycle I fly to Gatwick airport.
Gatwick airfield played an increasingly role in the Battle of Britain.

Then I started cycling to London.
Just before London I take a pause on I big field to look to RC planes.
And guess what. I was on the old WW2 airfield Croydon.
It played also a vital role as a fighter station during the Battle of Britain and was attacked in the first major raid over the London area. Factories in its immediate vicinity were almost destroyed with the loss of six airmen and over 60 civilians.

I stayed in London, in the area around the St Paul's Cathedral. This area was bombed heavily in the Blitz.

When I cycle to Harwich I take a break, again on an old WW2 airfield, with the name of The North Weald Airfield

So from now on I will call my new green racing 29er "The Spitfire"

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  1. je bent een bijzonder kind,
    van wie heb jij toch dat avontuurlijke bloed?
    trouwens jouw Engels is beter dan het mijne.
    misschien ben je wel een wisselkind. :-))
    groetjes..... ( van je weet wel )