maandag 14 november 2011

Dutch Fatbike Meeting 2011

In 2010 I had a meeting with Constantijn and his Surly Pugsley.
With the end of 2011 coming closer we decided that is was time for a new Fatbike meeting.
Place to be was the island of Texel.

We meet at Den Helder .
There we made the 15 minute ferry ride to the south point of Texel.
From there we hit the beach and start cycling to the North.

Tall Boy Bram

Meet Arthur, the Pugsley riding professional photographer!

The emerging of Frank Z from the Slufter.

After 36km beach we had a break at the restaurant next to the lighthouse.

For the last leg we take the dike back to the south and the Ferry.
Back on the ferry we clocked a total of 64KM pure fat bike fun on the Garmin.

Small video presentation of Texel

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