maandag 3 oktober 2011

Indian Summer

After a summer full of rain something strange happens.
The calendar says it’s officially autumn but it is hot summer outside!
So time to take bring Ivan the Terrible out start cycling.
Target for today was De Kaag.

We took the route along the canal with the name Vliet
This canal was dug in 47 AD under command of Roman general Corbulo, who wished to connect river Rhine, of which the current Oude Rijn stream in Roman times was the main branch, to the Meuse. In the middle Ages the Vliet was an important trade link that attracted all kinds of trade, as it flowed through the heart of the County of Holland.

The Kagerplassen ( Dutch for "the Kaag Lakes") is a small lake system in South Holland located to the northeast of Leiden. The Kaag Lakes are a popular area for boating, watersports, fishing, camping and walking. Windmills, waterfront pasture land with grazing cows and sheeps and quaint Dutch boats.

The Kaag Lakes are connected to a larger network of lakes and waterways called the Holland Lakes (Hollandse Plassen). The other lake systems are called the Braassemermeer, Wijde Aa and the Westeinderplassen. They are all connected by the Haarlemmermeer Ring Waterway, the Does river and many smaller waterways. This network means that much of northern South Holland is enjoyable for boating.

There are five ferry’s active in the summer. Like this little footpassenger and cyclist ferry.

And it was a very busy day for the skipper.

Miss Micro adventure was recovering from a couple of day’s flu.

Or was it just enjoying the sun??

Gives me time to play with the camera.

On the way back we made this photos of the Vrouw Vennemolen.
The history of this wind mill dates back to the early 17th century, being mentioned on a map of 1618 as “Vennemolen”. In 1835 the mill has undergone a large restoration. In 1935 the mill was largely renewed. It was put out of duty in 1954. Since the restoration of 1996-1998 the mill is sometimes used again to pump out water of the Vennepolder again.

On the way back I made this photo's of the Knipmolen next to the Vliet near Voorschoten.

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