zondag 16 oktober 2011

Bike Motion 2011

Yesterday I visit the large bicycle show in Utrecht.

Bikemotion 2010 movie

Beside hundreds of road racing and fancy mountain bikes I was looking for something “fatter”.

And I was not disappointed this year!!

Not one but three fatbikes on the stand of “cosmic sport” the importer of Surly and Salsa.

The Mukluk, the Pugsley and the Moonlander.

The bikes where getting lots of attention but I still don’t have the feeling the importers are really fatbike minded.

Much better was the Sandman stand. The first things you feel in this stand that the crew are Fatbike riders or do I have to say fatbike lovers?

The Sandman fatbikes looks fantastic. Lean mean racing machines. Lots of visitors take the opportunity to make a small test drive.

Small other item that I found were the waterproof Sealskinz lobstercloves.
As I own a pair of lobsters of Endura, I known how warm this type of cloves are.

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  1. Great post, you lucky Barsteward seein a Moonlander!!! is that my one? -:)
    More fatty stuff there than on show at UK shows!