zondag 10 juli 2011

Book tip "The Cordillera Volume 2"

From the Canadian Rockies to the deserts of New Mexico the Cordillera features engaging stories from the longest, most grueling mountain bike races in the world. Follow world-class athletes as they dash from Canada to Mexico, unsupported, while fighting temperature extremes, sleep deprivation, mechanical breakdowns and physical and emotional hardship along the way.

At times nerve-racking and heart-breaking, but also touching and inspiring, this collection explores the heart of human endurance. In these pages, you'll discover men and women who are obsessed with seconds in the 2,700-mile long course.

You'll meet a spouse left behind to wait and wonder. You'll travel to the Arctic Circle, where a young racer stumbles upon a decades-old mystery from the "World's Toughest Bike Race," and much more.

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