maandag 13 juni 2011

Dangerous situation in NY!

A Dutch tourist named Jasmijn Rijcken, 31, was in town for the New Amsterdam Bike Show and was stopped by NYPD while biking on Broadway because she was wearing a skirt.

Her story. "I stopped to check the map, to check where I had to go. This policeman was in a car, and he stopped next to me and got out of the car. I was like, 'Oh my God, what did I do wrong?' I was by myself. I thought maybe I rode wrong or something. But he starts talking about the way I was dressed."

At first she thought he wasn't serious. But it soon became clear that he was. "He said I was distracting cars, and that it was dangerous, I shouldn't wear these clothes on a bike." She was not wearing a helmet, she says, but the cop never mentioned that.

"he was acting like I did something really stupid, and asked for my I.D." Rijcken gave him her Dutch train I.D., and he responded, "Oh, you're not from here." Fearing she might have trouble leaving the country for her flight back to Holland the next day, Rijcken apologized, and said she wasn't aware there was a dress code. She says the cop told her, "I decide what's a dangerous situation."

A perfect "dangerous situation"!!

Rijcken said, "It's sad to see that there is so much disrespect between cars and bikes. in Holland, you do both -- one day you're in a car, one day you're on a bike -- and you respect each other. In New York it feels like a big fight." Still, she says, "I thought riding in New York City was beautiful."

The bicycle she is riding is a Dutch Van Moof

Yep,also available in a female version.

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