maandag 6 juni 2011

The bicycle helmet question

Here in the UK we are often told that 'no one wears a cycling helmet in the Netherlands'. I see that in your photo you are wearing a helmet ....what is the general thought on helmet wearing in the Netherlands? -Trevor

Cycle helmets are designed for minor knocks and bumps, not being hit by fast or heavy traffic.

So most cyclist who wear helmets in the Netherlands are the road racers and mountain bikers. Cyclist who have more change to fall of their bikes.
Like the group of small kids who start learning to cycle.

Miss Mini Micro adventures

The increases in helmet use have never been linked with lower cycle casualty rates.
Cycling is not a particularly high-risk activity – you are less likely to be killed cycling than walking.

The best protection against heavy and fast traffic is different space.
That is the biggest reason we have lots of cycle lanes and routes, free from other traffic.

The biggest group of people who want tougher laws for bicycle helmets are "motorists".
But In Japan they found out that it is much safer to wear a helmet in a car. As the change for heavy head injuries for them is much bigger.

And all smart adventure cyclist wear helmets ( with lights and cams )

And there always wear black .....LOL

I also think the helmet become more and more "cool" like nowadays everybody wears a helmet on the ski slopes in the Alps

I wear always a helmet when I am on bicycle patrol.
It gives me more protection when a fall but is also an identifier item like the bobby helmet. Colleagues’ (back up ) can pick me out of a crowd just by wearing my police cyclist helmet.

Try to spot me!
I am the Officer wearing a bicycle helmet

Bicycle patrol training day in Antwerp 2010

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