donderdag 12 mei 2011

Egmond - Scheveningen

After a relaxed night in Hotel Zuiderduin and a luxurious breakfast,
it was time to start cycling again.
First stop, the lighthouse.

The J.C.J. van Speijk Lighthouse was selected in 1834 as the national J.C.J van Speijkmonument, to honor the memory of the Dutch naval hero.

When the Belgian War of Independence broke out Van Speijk gained an appointment as commander of a gunboat.
Van Speijk despised the Belgian independence movement.
On February 5, 1831, a gale caused his boat to drift into the quay at the port of Antwerp. Belgians stormed the boat and demanded Van Speijk take the Dutch flag down. Rather than complying, he fired a pistol (some versions say he threw a lit cigar—few if any first-hand witnesses survived) into a barrel of gunpowder in the ships armory, legendary saying "Dan liever de lucht in", which translates as, "(I'd) rather be blown up then".

This time we past the Noordzee canal (that’s the canal between Amsterdam and the North Sea) by ferry. This ferry is free for cyclist. On this beautiful Sunday the ferry was full of cyclist and no cars.

“I’m the Queen of the world!” ( Fortunately for me, the ferry continued to float)


Checking the GPS.

And the great dunes again.

An old WW2 german tankwall near Katwijk

Result of 195 km in two sunny day's LOL

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  1. I wonder if the ferry will need to start charging for cyclists in order to build up revenues? Otherwise, hearing that cyclists are free on the ferry sounds great to me!