maandag 16 mei 2011

Cycling in the Netherlands

I get some curious questions about cycling in the Netherlands

Some answers.

Nearly 85 percent of the population own at least one bicycle. They use it regularly, often daily. There are about 16 million bicycles in Holland, slightly more than one for every inhabitant. I own only 4 bikes and the tandem.
About 1.3 million new bicycles are sold every year.

The Netherlands has got the best cycle lane network in the world. You can cycle on more than 19.000 kilometers of bicycles paths and lanes in and between every city and town.

The country offers easy cycling terrain. We build it very flat so it is suitable for any cyclist, only in the far south, there are some minor hills.

Young urban professionals tend to like purpose-built bikes – such as models designed to carry two or more children.

Others prefer the classic cart-bikes, which can be used to transport large pieces of furniture or the kids etc

So-called ‘grandma’ or ‘grandfather’ bikes are sought after by those with a sense of history. The German army stole many of Holland’s bikes during World War II, and even to-date the Dutch will half-jokingly tell German tourists that they want their bikes back.

"How to recognise a Dutch in New York"

Legally, bikes are allowed to turn right at a red light – if and when it is safe to do so. In reality, in many cities, cyclists feel invincible once they mount their bikes, and thus they won’t stop for anything. They’ll run red lights, weave through traffic.

Ferries operate across rivers are transporting bicycles.

Taking a bicycle on a ferry normally incurs a charge, but some ferries (such as those across the IJ, Amsterdam and the ferry over the Noordseacanal) carry bicycles for free.

I found some video about cycling in the Netherlands

And there are around 2700 police officers trained to patrol on bicycles.
And I am one of them.

More information about cycling in the Netherlands LINK

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  1. Tommy,

    You aren't just one of the cycling cops in the Netherlands- you are The Main Man :-)

    I love the way folk in the Netherlands 'get it' in relation to cycling. I wish folk over here wotuld 'get it' in the same way.

  2. LOL
    For the people who want to know more about "me" and the bike patrol, take a look at