maandag 11 april 2011

Premiere Tornado Alley

Yesterday, I went to the IMAX Theater in The Hague for the European premiere of Tornado Alley.

The movie was presented by "Storm Chaser" Sean Casey!!

In the movie you see the researchers of VORTEX 2, following the super cells in Tornado Alley.
Sean Casey follows the Vortex 2 in his Tornado Intercept vehicle 2 and armed with a 70mm camera,
Most of the shots a breathtaking when you get the feeling, to stand in a big field with a big Tornado in front of you.
The movie was original made for a flat screen IMAX theatre.
The IMAX Theatre in The Hague is a dome of 840 m2. So there is a small chance for seasickness.
The soundtrack is on 36 loudspeakers and six subwoofers FANTASTIC..

Can’t wait for Tornado Alley 2.

For the HD version LINK

Big thanks to Discovery channel, for the tickets!!

And please mr. Sean Casey, build a Cineflex camera on the TIV 3

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