zondag 19 december 2010

Snow snow snow

Last night we get another 20 cm of snow.

So hit the beach!!
First to the south to the harbour
and after that to the North to Katwijk.

What a great way to spend your day!!

For who is interested in the technical details;
.Shirt Odlo
.Mid layer Me’ru sweater
.Jacket Endura wind-chill jacket
.Windstopper bodywarmer

.Endura Stealth-Extreme Tights
.Endura Singletrack Pants

.Sealskinz socks
.Shimano SH-MT90 cycle shoes

.Endura Lobster cloves

A car parked on the beach?

Range Rover ,stuck on the beach ..........135.000 euro
a Surly Puglsey ..........1500 euro
Riding by and wave to the car owner ...........PRICELESS..!!

No not a seal but a hardcore surfer.
The water temperature 6 C

The Surly Pugsley is a fantastic fat bike.
I love the sound of crunching snow and shells under my tires

The dunes or nowaday's the Dutch mountains

1 opmerking:

  1. Great Post tommy!
    Pic 4,the `Chelsea Tractor` stuck!
    so named here after footballers wives who drive them...-:)
    bet your hands were toasty in the lobster gloves!
    Aye the sound of snow crunch under 4" tyres...-:)